1. How to Fail: Mark Pincus

    I’m sometimes called a serial entrepreneur, but that’s only because, before Zynga (ZNGA), I failed to create a sustainable company. After starting two companies in the ’90s, I had a social networking startup,, in 2003.

  2. Twitter, the Startup That Wouldn't Die

    Costolo credits Ashish Goel, a Stanford University computer science professor and part-time Twitter consultant, with helping the company realize that tweets could double as ads. Goel had an important insight: Everyone on Twitter is a marketer who wants to promote a link, a piece of news, or a...

  3. The Germany Website Copy Machine

    A purple rooster sculpture made from recycled grape Fanta bottle labels. Clocks designed to hang in corners. Bauhaus posters from the 1920s. Hand-painted vintage typewriters. These are some of the carefully curated objects for sale on, the fast-growing flash-deal site for designer goods.