Wie ein Student mit 1100 Dollar ein 57 Millionen Dollar Business aufbaute

Alex Algard was still a student when he had the idea to create a web version of the old white pages. He only had $1,100 in the bank, but because it was 1996, even the domainer who owned WhitePages didn't realize how valuable the domain was. So Alex was able to negotiate a price of just $900 for it.

He didn't have the infrastructure to find, store and serve up data on his new site, but he found a way around it. He made a deal with another web site to allow him to pull their data in real-time. His next challenge was bring in users, but the great domain name helped with that. For revenue, he used a freelance salesman. Mostly, the business was just a hobby. He didn't even incorporate until 2000, around the time he made his first million dollars. Today, the company makes about that
much in sales every week.


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