1. Breaking: Bacteria with a synthetic genome!

    The J. Craig Venter Institute has just announced the creation of the first bacterial cell controlled by a genome that is entirely chemically synthesized (PDF). The group has been working towards this goal for several years now, first working out how to synthesize and assemble such large pieces...


  2. Bayern bremst Google aus

    Der WLAN-Datenskandal hat drastische Folgen für Google: In Bayern muss der Internet-Konzern die Aufnahmen für seinen umstrittenen Street-View-Dienst stoppen, in Hamburg ermittelt die Staatsanwaltschaft gegen Google.


  3. HTC EVO 4G review

    As a mobile platform, the EVO 4G's Android foundation is still an infant -- well, okay, perhaps it's a tweener -- but in its two-odd years in the public spotlight, the list of truly revolutionary devices to use it has been a significant one: the G1 for being the first to market; the...


  4. Twitter link hides malware threat

    Scores of zombie accounts on the social network are being used to try to install a banking and keylogging Trojan - and many have fallen victim alreadyA malware attack is being spread via Twitter using "zombie" accounts to push a site which claims to link to a fun video.


  5. iPad app store goes live in Europe

    Irrespective of Apple policy, we know that many of our readers already purchased a US iPad for use -- gasp -- outside of the United States. With favorable exchange rates and an early US launch really, who could blame you? But after notifying your local customs office and paying your government...


  6. Pakistan Adds YouTube to Blocked Sites

    Pakistan blocked access to YouTube because of 'sacriligious' content, adding to earlier censorship of Facebook, Wikipedia and Flickr. The move against YouTube came a day after the government blocked access to Facebook amid anger over a page on the social networking site that encourages...


  7. Kein Klebefleisch - Die EU hat entschieden

    Die Abgeordneten haben mit einer großen Mehrheit entschieden, dass das Enzym Thrombin in Europa nicht genutzt werden darf. Das wurde bisher dazu genutzt, um Fleischrest zusammenzukleben, um sie als Schinken verkaufen zu können. Im Video wird die Praxis näher erläutert.


  8. Facebook Privacy Makes The Cover of Time Magazine

    Time Magazine’s May 31 issue will hit newsstands with a cover and feature story dedicated to the “scary” side of Facebook.The cover art pays homage to the Facebook generation with a mosaic of 1,295 Facebook profile photos, accompanied by a blurb from the feature article: “Facebook …and how it’s...