1. Google gibt Windows den Laufpass

    Google will das Windows-Betriebssystem aus Sicherheitsgründen aus seinem Unternehmen verbannen. Das berichtet die Financial Times unter Berufung auf mehrere Google-Mitarbeiter. Auslöser sei der zurückliegende Einbruch in Google-Systeme durch vermutlich chinesische Hacker.


  2. The Density of Smart People

    Clusters of smart people of the highly educated sort that economists refer to as "human capital" are the key engine of economic growth and development. Jane Jacobs argued that the clustering of talented and energetic in cities is the fundamental driving force of economic development.


  3. Story Lab goes unplugged

    The idea of learning what's really important by denying yourself the things you love is as old as religion, as elemental as praying or fasting. So when eight Post reporters got to talking about their attachment -- no, addiction -- to their BlackBerrys, phones, Twitter and Facebook, it was...


  4. The Art Dealer of the Century

    It's hard to fathom the history of contemporary art without understanding the remarkably idiosyncratic niche business that rose with it half a century ago: the commercial NewYork art gallery and thewell-connected dealer behind it.