1. 'Sanctuary City' Backer Gets Key ICE Job

    Obama administration picks an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officialsSource: Amnesty Talks Behind the ScenesAriz. Dem: Fed Agencies Nixing Conventions Over LawCalifornia Lawmakers Push Arizona Boycott


  2. A German view on English football

    I'm not allowed to attach a German flag to our car. That's my wife's decree. Never mind that millions of German men have cars sporting nice flags of black, red and gold. My wife calls it nationalism. My wife does not understand football.


  3. Chocolates quell Ryanair mutiny

    Police help passengers stuck in plane on Prestwick tarmac as Ryanair refuses to offer refreshments or let anyone leavePolice in Scotland had to buy emergency supplies of chocolate and water for a planeload of Ryanair passengers who were close to mutiny after spending four hours on the tarmac...