1. Why apps are not the future

    I hear it everywhere. The web is dead, apps are the future. I heard it first on the cover of Wired Magazine in March 1997 and again in August 2010. I was so impressed I added it to my blogroll, as a reminder to all that you're reading a dead medium. That was said in jest, of course.


  2. nicksummly

    He is onto his fourth major iPhone app and his first startup. He has caught the attention of someone who previously invested in Skype, Facebook and Spotify. He thinks Google's UI is not current with the web. And he is only sixteen. Meet London-based Nick D'Aloisio!


  3. mike-butcher

    Seatwave is a long-time secondary marketing startup in the UK which competes with Viagogo. However, it appears to be tacking towards trying to out-innovate the competition by today releasing an iOS SDK.


  4. ring

    The European Internet startup scene feels stronger than ever right now, with thriving communities of promising companies across the continent, and governments waking up to the benefits of supporting them....