Study: Apple iPad Accounts for 94.64% of all Tablet Web Traffic

What do you think of when you hear the word “tablet”?  For most it would be Apple or more specifically the iPad.  When the iPad was released in 2010 it quickly gained popularity amongst the masses.  Since then the market share held by Apple’s iPad has been increasing steadily.

While it is a widely known fact that the iPad (one, two, or “new”) is immensely popular, we here at Chitika Insights wondered how we could quantify just how popular these tablets are by digging into our network data. Our results were quite interesting, though not very surprising.

In conducting this analysis, we queried our vast ad network for impressions stemming from a tablet of any sort.  From there we sorted our data into categories of the various tablet devices.  As we had hypothesized, the iPad was overwhelmingly dominant versus the competition.


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