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    All startup activity around cloud computing in the past few years has been great, but it also means there's precious little room on the playing field for newcomers. Here are 10 cloud startups launched in 2011 that have a chance to make it big in 2012.


  2. Mitgliederzahlen: Immer mehr Piraten

    Die Parteien im Großraum München kämpfen gegen den eigenen Schwund - ihnen laufen die Mitglieder weg. Nur bei den Grünen geht es aufwärts, und besonders starke Zugänge verzeichnen die Piraten. In München hat die neue Partei bereits 700 Mitglieder, während die FDP deutlich verliert.


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    Millions of new iPhones and Androids got activated during and after Christmas this year -- and what have people done with their new devices? They've downloaded Facebook's mobile apps, of course. I've been watching this trend for a few years, and the past week has been the biggest yet, based on the...