1. Bing als Primärsuchmaschine ➝

    I just switched the default search engine in my browser from Google to Bing. And if you care about working efficiently, or getting the right results when you search, then maybe you should too. Don’t laugh! Lustig, heute scherzten wir auf Twitter noch herum, dass man ja eigentlich zu Bing (oder...


  2. F-06D Girls'

    Do women need special cell phones? Certain companies, such as Deutsche Telekom or Samsung, seem to think so. Now Fujitsu Japan is ready to roll out [JP] not one but two handsets specifically designed "for girls", a feature phone and an Android model.


  3. Google's Kenyan ripoff

    Mocality is an African startup that has a Kenya-wide business directory. There is no Kenyan yellow pages, so the directory was crowdsourced, paying thousands of Kenyans to help create and validate its database.


  4. Beijing Apple store pelted with eggs

    Apple suspends retail sales of iPhone 4S in China after scuffles break out between security and shoppers who queued overnight to be told store would not openAngry customers and organised gangs of touts threw eggs at Apple's store in Beijing after disturbances broke out when they were told that the...